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Qlikview – Inputbox as a filter

Recently, I was working with a client who wanted to make it easier for end users to be able to do complex associative searches in a list box. A few examples of how associative searches can be used in order of increasing complexity: 1) Search for all Suppliers whose name starts with the letter S […]

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Improving Qlikview Export Quality Image

I was at the Ohio Qlik User Group meeting today and saw a very interesting presentation from Mike Czerwonky that I thought should be shared with our readers. For the longest time, users have been copying static images of charts/graphs from Qlik into PowerPoint, Excel, emails, etc… With the goal of sharing information with other […]

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Tableau How-to: Customer Overlap Ratio

In this short article, I will create an interactive bar chart of the Customer Overlap Ratio for my sales data. By selecting a month, the user will quickly see how many distinct customers placed orders during that month, and (of those customers) how many also placed orders in other months. From the data, we can see that of […]

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