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A First Look at Qlikview Expressor

Overview Qlikview Expressor is an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool for providing data for Qlikview documents and applications. Qlikview Expressor is not being positioned by Qlikview as a stand-alone ETL tool, and it won’t be replacing SQL Server Integration Services anytime soon. Rather, it is focused on the centralized management of data definitions, business […]

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Creating Full Width Group Headers in SSRS

Introduction Dealing with group headers in banded reporting tools like Crystal Reports feels easy and natural. The group header section is clearly visible on the design surface, and it is simple to add text or format group header fields. Dealing with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) group headers is a little less intuitive, as it […]

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Deploying SSIS Packages with DTUTIL

Introduction If you are managing your SSIS package deployment manually, you are doing it wrong. In this article, I’ll describe a method of automating package deployment using package configurations and DTUTIL. The Scenario For the purposes of this article, I’ll create a new SSIS package that loads a CSV file with sales data into a […]

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Check for and Drop Temp tables

Here is sample code on checking for a temp table prior to creating it, and dropping it if it exists. This should be used whenever using temp tables. IF object_id(’tempdb..#results’) IS NOT NULL   DROP TABLE #results CREATE TABLE #results (   company NCHAR(3)     … )

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