Big Squid Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Result Data has partnered with Big Squid to offer our customers advanced analytics solutions and assistance. Big Squid’s Kraken platform is a leader in providing predictive analytics, machine learning and other advanced analytics capabilities on an automated basis. The Result Data team can help you purchase, implement and leverage the Kraken platform, which is integrated with leading BI and visualization tools such as Qlik Sense.


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Move Away from Reactive to Proactive

Purely “descriptive” data is no longer sufficient to inform the everyday decisions that impact your business. From
internal processes to better understanding your customer, prescriptive data is necessary to take your organization away
from simply reacting, to being proactive. For example,

Key Benefits of Big Squid’s Kraken Platform:

Enhance & Scale Your Analytics Team:

Enable your existing data analyst team to apply a variety of models while better scaling your Data

Maximize Your Data & Analytics Investment:

Integrates with your existing data infrastructure; from your data warehouse to your data visualization

Collaboration and Automation:

Enhance your planning and execution across your organization.

Operationalize Your Data:

Provide prescriptive action to the front lines of your business via Machine Learning.

Scale your Data Science Capabilities

Many companies are allocating substantial resources to make sense of their data, hoping
to mine insight that will result in long-term benefits. A crucial piece of this process
is the role of Data Scientist, and far from replacing this valuable role, Kraken actually
works to help them scale across your entire organization.