Course: SQL Level 1 – Introduction to SQL

Date: 04-20-2020
Duration: 1 day
Check-in Time: 8:30 am
Start Time: 9:00 am
Fee: $485.00
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Course Outline

This one day workshop is designed to provide the student with a solid understanding of database concepts and the basics of the SQL language. It includes review of database structures, application architecture, SQL constructs and client-server fundamentals. The course utilizes a series of hands on activities where the student writes, executes and examines SQL statements using 92ANSI compliant (multi-vendor) SQL syntax. The exercises are progressive adding more sophisticated elements of SQL on to existing work. The course is taught by an experienced consultant with a SQL development and programming background and substantial real world exposure.


  • Database Fundamentals & Vocabulary
  • Database Types (Sequential vs. Relational)
  • Relational Concepts Overview (RI, PK, FK)
  • Installing & Configuring a Database Client
  • ODBC/ADO Overview
  • SQL constructs
  • Basic Select Statements
  • Selecting Distinctly (distinct)
  • The Where and Order By clauses
  • Multi-Table Joining (inner & outer joins explained & tested)
  • Aggregate Functions (Sum, Count etc.)
  • Group By
  • Deleting Data Conditionally
  • Updating Data Conditionally
  • Inserting Data

Slides and other course materials are available to students in electronic format (via download).

Individuals with little or no SQL experience. This course is targeted at users who will need to write, analyze and use SQL statements. It’s ideal for database administrators, analysts, consultants, programmers, business people or anyone seeking to have a greater understanding of the SQL language.

No prior database experience is necessary (but it’s helpful). A firm understanding of MS-Windows and Windows applications is mandatory. The course is best suited for people who have used spreadsheets and word processing applications for several years and wish to learn about databases and the SQL language.

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