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Foreflow is a software platform that facilitates key functions associated with creating, managing and viewing data. It works with your existing data sources, data management systems and analytical/reporting systems and it can stand alone. It provides Web based services and user interfaces that allow your team to schedule and manage a wide variety of data management processes. It also provides a user data management interface that allows users to upload spreadsheet data and edit it online with full security, validation and auditing. Foreflow also provides a unified portal interface in which reports, dashboards and views of data from disparate systems and data sources can be presented to users in a simplified, secure way. Foreflow acts as a host to combine analytics from other systems with its own content. Foreflow can be implemented as a cloud solution or as an on-premise solution. We also offer customization services to make foreflow do things that your organization needs. You can purchase foreflow on a module-by-module basis.

foreflow modules


  • Web based software platform that facilitates the collection, editing and processing of data
  • Can be combined with existing or new data warehouses or data stores
  • Provides End Users with the ability to upload, create and edit data
  • Provides End Users with a centralized platform for maintaining data and accessing BI content such as reports and dashboards

Author Module

  • Allows users to upload, edit and create data
  • Tables of data are secured with read, write, delete and other rights
  • Tracks changes in each row and column of data
  • Users can trigger a back-end process to send updated or new data to the data warehouse or other systems
  • Data can be exported to Excel

Orchestrate Module

  • Centralizes scheduling and triggering of data management jobs
  • Supports dependencies in a series of jobs
  • Keeps logs of job activity and provides an administrative UI
  • Integrates data processing from third-party systems such as Talend and Microsoft’s SSIS in a single dependency model for sequential processing
  • Includes a high-level code capability for custom processes

Share Module

  • Centralized Web portal that makes reports, data queries, charts available on a secure basis
  • Combines content from disparate BI system (reports, dashboards, BOBJ, SSRS, Qlik, Tableau etc.)
  • Standardizes Parameter Prompting across systems
  • Audit usage across systems
  • Simplifies User Experience, Inexpensive BI/reporting tool

API Module

  • foreflow provides an API that allows other systems to query data and get results on common formats
  • The API is REST based and provides data in Json format
  • This allows data from users and from third-party databases (such as a data warehouse) to be served up over the Web in a common format without requiring direct access to the underlying data sources.

foreflow Author Screenshots

Here are some examples of the foreflow Author module user interface. This first screenshot shows a table that was created from a user file. Once a user uploads a spreadsheet or CSV file, a table is created with proper data types for each column. Users may then access the table online and edit it by adding or editing rows in the table. All user changes are tracked. Tables are also secured with a variety of rights such as read-only. Users may update (append) or replace data in the table with new spreadsheet files.

When a user adds a new row to a foreflow table, predefined validations can be applied to ensure that user data is complete and as accurate as possible. These validations also apply to future uploads of files that append data to the table.

When a user wants to upload data to foreflow table, there is an option to append the data from the upload file or replace the data in the table. These options are security rights and can be restricted for certain users.

For more information about foreflow and how we can help you implement it for you, please contact us at 614-505-0770 or email