Legal Practice Management Solutions

Result Data offers a variety of software and services to law firms to aid in the management and development of their law practices. Services and solutions include specialized software for legal practices as well technical services to help firms organize, integrate and analyze important data. Call us at 614-505-0770 and ask for a free consultation or demonstration of our solutions or send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you.

Practice Management Analysis Dashboards

Result Data has produced a series of analytical dashboards to help in the management and planning of law practices. These dashboards include a number key performance indicators (KPI’s) that show critical trends and changes associated with planning and managing the practice. They are built on leading business analysis technology that facilitates interaction and drill down on key firm metrics. They are also designed to allow us to set up automated import processes from virtually any time-billing software or other systems to ensure your data is accurate and current. The dashboards include the following:

  • Firm Performance Management Dashboard: Visually illustrates trends and variances in WIP, realization, AR and other key aspects of time keeper and firm performance.
  • Business Development Dashboard: Tracks and illustrates trends and metrics associated with new client and new matter generation over time. This dashboard allows for review and correlation of growth in firm business by such things a type of law and referral sources.

Data Management & Data Warehousing for Legal Practices

With decades of experience designing and developing data management solutions, Result Data is the perfect fit to help your firm access, organize and manage the vast amounts of data that can drive better planning and decisions. Our team can work with your existing systems and vendors to design and develop a custom data warehouse and data analysis solution for your partners and executive committee. We work with a variety of leading technologies from Microsoft (we are a Microsoft Gold Partner) and in the Open Source market (we are specialists with MySQL, PHP and other free open source systems) to provide cost effective solutions.

Time Tracking Solutions

We’ve created several software solutions to help law firms manage and track time. These include conventional time slip/time entry applications as well as a time clock solution for ensuring that staff time and overtime is managed properly. Our solutions are designed to work on the desktop, over the Web and on mobile devices to make it easy to capture time from anywhere. The solutions include:

  • Time Entry Solution: Creates and manages time slips for both billable and non-billable time. Staff and time keeper time tracking is managed in a single solution allowing time keepers to track all of their time even when some time slips are not billable. This solution is designed to be integrated with your existing time-entry software. We’ll work with your vendor to ensure posted time slips show up in the pre-bill and billing systems. You don’t have to invest in a whole new time-billing solution to be Web and mobile enabled or to have staff time tracking capabilities. The solution operates from desktop browsers, iPads and mobile phones to ensure easy and convenient access.
  • Time Clock Solution: Many law firms have encountered issues with overtime for non-exempt staff. Recent changes in the law challenge firms to ensure their staff is not working more hours than the law permits unless overtime pay is tracked and provided. Our time clock solution provides an easy-to-use way to ensure your staff is clocked in and out at the right times and to manage and track paid breaks and time card submission. The solution operates from desktop browsers, iPads, other tablets (Android, Windows) ¬†and mobile phones to ensure easy and convenient access.