Qlik Support

Qlik Annual Maintenance & Support (Level 1 support from Result Data)

OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET (see required information below): Send an Email to: qliksupport@resultdata.com (this opens a ticket automatically in our system)

As part of the annual maintenance and support fees, Qlik customers who remain current will receive access to major updates and incremental service releases for Qlik products in accordance with QlikTech polices. Such updates are typically made available for download from the Qlik website at http://www.qlik.com. Access requires you to set up a Qlik login, which is typically done as part of your first purchase process.

Result Data Support for Qlik Software products

Result Data provides first line (level 1) support for customers who purchase Qlik software through Result Data or for customer assigned to Result Data as the “Partner of Record”. Result Data is an authorized and certified support provider for QlikTech, Inc. Each request for support is assigned a ticket number and tracked at Result Data. Typical repose time is one business day or less. Turnaround on resolutions or recommendations may take longer and will require action your end. If Result Data is unable to determine how to resolve the problem or provide a recommendation QlikTech support will be contacted directly and they will work with us to address your issue, this is not usually necessary and adds delays to turnaround time.

How to open a Qlik Support Ticket with Result Data

IMPORTANT: Support tickets must be opened using our support email address only. Be sure to include your Qlik Support ID Number in the body of the email. You may also include attachments, images, screenshots, error codes and other relevant information. Support ticket requirements:

  • Only Qlik products for which you have purchased maintenance and support are eligible for support.
  • Tickets must be opened by sending an email to: qliksupport@resultdata.com
  • Please include your Qlik Support ID Number in the email, which was provided when you originally purchased your Qlik maintenance and support.
  • The email must be from the designated Qlik administrator in your company. Random end users may not open tickets.
  • IMPORTANT: Your issue, problem or question must comply with the list of covered areas and other criteria (support does not cover consulting, development, configuration or training help). It is intended to address problems where covered Qlik software is not functioning as designed only.


  • The license key for the relevant Qlik software
  • The specific Qlik Product and version (i.e. QlikView Desktop 11, QlikView Server 11.2, Qlik Sense Desktop 2.3, QlikSense Server 2.3, NPrinting 15 etc.)
  • The PC and/or Server Operating Systems on which the Qlik product is running (Windows Server 2008R2, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 etc.)
  • A full, clear and comprehensive description of the problem being encountered and the severity. Include screen-shots and steps to reproduce any errors if possible. And, provide a short history of the problem indicating when it began.
  • Always include Contact Details (name, title, phone and email address)


  • Please provide the following information in your email if possible:
    • If possible include an example QlikView (.qvw) document, Qlik Sense (.qvf) applicaiton which demonstrates the problem (note: you should review data in the content first and ensure no confidential data is shared and that data volume is low).
    • For QlikView Server and/or Publisher and Qlik Sense Server please include the QlikView log files.
    • For QlikView Desktop please send the Document Support Information Sheet (Ctrl + Shift + Q)
    • Always include Contact Details (name, title, phone and email address)

Next Steps

  • After receiving your support ticket, we will schedule a review call to discuss your issue. Sometimes issues are resolved during this first call.
  • If the issue is determined to be something not covered under your support agreement, you will have the option of engaging us on paid basis for further assistance
  • If the issue is covered under your support agreement, we may ask you to try of few things and for more information (log files, screen shots etc.) before escalating the issue to Qlik.
  • Once we open a ticket with Qlik and they approve, we will remain engaged to facilitate answers and options offered directly from Qlik.
  • All tickets will require effort and skills on your end to complete requested steps.