Qlikview Sub Routine

Few people know that qlikview code can be set up within sub routines. I find this to be a very helpful tool to use in situations where I may not want to reload the entire script. The most common use case for me is the QVD generator. Often times while I am developing, I only want to reload one or two QVDs and not the entire set. While I could comment and uncomment large portions of code or rearrange my script and use EXIT SCRIPT, I find that using sub routines are faster and cleaner.

Creating and using sub routines are easy. First, write you script as you normally would and then give your routine a name using SUB <name>. Then close your sub using END Sub.

SUB ProductLoad

Name as ProductName;
FROM Product;

STORE Product INTO Product.QVD (QVD);
DROP Table Product;



Once I have created my set of sub routines, I can use the CALL command to only run the ones that I want. It is important that the call command comes after the scripting of the sub routines. For this reason, I have all of my call commands as the last tab of my script. Now, I can simply comment and uncomment which sub routines I want to run without having to alter anything else in my load script. Only the sub routine that is being called will run and any other sub routines will simply be ignored.

//Call SalesLoad;
Call ProductLoad;
//Call CustomerLoad;


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