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SQL Language Training Options

We've taught thousands of students SQL and have written books and papers on its use. Join us for some of the best SQL training available anywhere. We'll get you up the curve fast.

SQL Level 1 - Introduction to SQL

This one day workshop is designed to provide the student with a solid understanding of database concepts and the basics of the SQL language. It includes review of database structures, application architecture, SQL constructs and client-server fundamentals. The course utilizes a series of hands on activities where the student writes, executes and examines SQL statements using common SQL syntax. The exercises are progressive adding more sophisticated elements of SQL on to existing work. The course is taught by an experienced consultant with a SQL development and programming background and substantial real world exposure.

SQL Level 2 - Advanced SQL

This one-day workshop is designed to provide students who have a basic understanding of SQL with more advanced skills. It includes a review of basic SQL skills, but quickly moves on to advanced topics including multi-table joins, the use of data definition language (DDL) for creating and altering data structures and data management techniques. In this course students will build new table structures and use SQL to populate and conditionally update them. Additional topics include the creation and maintenance of indexes, security, and the creation and use of database views and stored procedures. An experienced consultant with a SQL development and programming background and substantial real world exposure teaches the course.

SQL Level 3 - Expert SQL

This one day course is designed to help SQL users obtain a higher degree of expertise in using ANSI SQL. It provides a valuable learning opportunity for programmers, DBA’s, Reporting Specialists and others who use SQL to perform advanced database and query operations. It is focused on more complex and powerful features of the SQL Languages including things like CASE, COALESCE and WHILE loops. It also covers Database Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers and User Defined Functions. The course provides hands-on SQL experience with sample databases and data and a student workbook with reference and narrative. It is recommended that students take both Levels 1 and 2 before attending this course as certain key SQL knowledge is required.


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