SQL Skills Development Class

Course Description: This two-day course provides students with a solid understanding of database concepts and Structure Query Language (SQL) techniques for querying, managing, and defining data. The course enables anyone new to SQL to get started, while also providing intermediate and some advanced SQL instruction. It covers critical database concepts such as tables, columns, data types, table relationships, and referential integrity. It also helps students understand and use table joins and sub-query techniques to derive customized data sets. Students leverage SQL to create and use database objects such as database views and stored procedures.  The course emphasizes vital topics such as aggregating data and data problem solving using SQL. It includes a significant amount of hands-on lab activities using and writing SQL statements. 

Course delivery is live, online, and instructor-led with student lab environments, data, and tools provided.

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Course Outline

  • Database Concepts

  • Structure Query Language Introduction

  • Calculating & Deriving Data in SQL

  • Summarizing Data with SQL

  • Joining Tables in SQL Queries

  • Managing Data with SQL

  • SQL for Data Problem Solving

  • Database Views

  • Database Stored Procedures

  • Data Definition and Data Control

  • Database Referential Integrity

  • Table Relationships

  • SQL Variables & Conditionals

  • Comparing, Evaluating & Looping with SQL

  • Data Modeling & Data Types


Who Should Attend?

The course is ideal for Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts, Business Intelligence Developers, Software Developers, or anyone working with data systems that support SQL interfaces.


No prior SQL skills or knowledge is necessary. We recommend students have some experience manipulating data in spreadsheets or similar environments. We suggest that students have a profound interest in learning and using SQL to access and manipulate data.

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