Data Modeling for Qlik Sense

Data Modeling for Qlik Sense is a technical course for you to become knowledgeable in loading and transforming data within Qlik Sense, as well as building an optimized data model structure. Through tools, techniques, and exercises, this course presents topics dealing with data connections, cleansing, manipulating and transforming, resolving data model issues, optimization, using QVD files, and developing with server.

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Course Outline and Details

  • Data connections

  • Structuring the script

  • Loading data

  • Resolving data issues

  • Generating data with the script

  • Debugging a data load

  • Data manager and Qlik DataMarket

  • Scripting and data model challenges

  • Advanced calculations

  • Working with server

  • Security

  • Mobile deployment



  • Create a data model in Qlik Sense

  • Create and maintain data connections

  • Resolve data structure issues and script errors

  • Transform data

  • Discuss synthetic keys and circular reference

  • Leverage external data services

  • Define the advanced uses of the data load editor

  • Add dimensions and measures to the library

  • Add simple visualizations


Data Architects


Creation of Qlik Sense visualizations, Database, and SQL query knowledge

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