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QlikView Developer is a must if you are building QlikView applications. Knowledge of the data model, creation of the proper data connections and scripting fundamentals are critical to creating QlikView applications that provide your organization with powerful business discovery tools. QlikView Developer provides you with an opportunity to learn by doing through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises. Beginning with the QlikView environment and ending with an introduction to advanced interface design, the Developer course will prepare you to take your QlikView applications to the next level. The course concludes with a new business case where you can practice your skills in building a QlikView application from the beginning using identified key performance indicators.

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Course Outline and Details

  • Development & Deployment

  • Connect, select and load

  • Loading data from the database

  • Synthetic keys

  • Basic data model and Table Viewer

  • Adding text data

  • Basic data transformation

  • Generating data in QlikView script

  • Scripting considerations

  • Master calendar

  • Mapping tables

  • Data  model optimization

  • Scripting and data model challenges

  • Loading budget data

  • Advanced calculations in sheet objects

  • Metadata

  • QlikView data (QVD) files

  • Performance optimization

  • QlikView security



  • Create a data model in QlikView

  • Build a QlikView application

  • Resolve data structure issues

  • Access the Debugger

  • Define the advanced uses of  the script editor

  • Use Transformative Functions  in the script

  • Discuss Synthetic Keys


QlikView Designers; QlikView Developers


Designer Course – Recommended

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