QlikView Designer

QlikView Designer is a scenario-based course covering the fundamentals required to get started building applications. The course is a mixture of demonstrations and hands-on exercises which include user interface layout, design fundamentals, how to create a QlikView application with sheets as well as best practices in design. Additionally, the course will take an in-depth look at the different charts and graphs available to developers and end-users inside of QlikView applications. This course includes a case study that provides you with the opportunity to build your own QlikView application

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Course Outline and Details

  • Get Started with QlikView

  • The ABC Sales Application

  • The data model

  • Sheets, filters, and navigation

  • Foundations of a powerful user interface

  • Discovering charts

  • Data Model Viewer

  • Using WebView

  • Advanced features

  • Build the app

  • Creating reports

  • Other spreadsheet object


  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of a QlikView data model in QlikView

  • Explain how to best layout and design your QlikView application

  • Explain the basic use of QlikView sheet objects

  • Identify, based on data provided, which chart will provide the best visual representation of data to the use



QlikView Business Users; QlikView Designers; QlikView Developers


Basic knowledge of computer concepts; Knowledge of Key Performance Indicators and how they are used

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