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SQL Level 2 Training Class

Advanced SQL - This one-day workshop is designed to provide students who have a basic understanding of SQL with more advanced skills. It includes a review of basic SQL skills but quickly moves on to advanced topics including multi-table joins, the use of data definition language (DDL) for creating and altering data structures and data management techniques. In this course, students will build new table structures and use SQL to populate and conditionally update them. Additional topics include the creation and maintenance of indexes, security, and the creation and use of database views and stored procedures. An experienced consultant with an SQL development and programming background and substantial real-world exposure teaches the course.

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Course Outline and Details


  • SQL Basics Review

  • Advanced Table Joins

  • Database Views

  • Data Definition Language

  • Table Creation

  • Table Altering

  • Table Population

  • Conditional Updating of a Table

  • Index Creation and Maintenance

  • Stored Procedures

  • SQL Security Overview


Slides and other course materials are available to students in electronic format (via download).


Individuals with a basic understanding of, and some experience with, SQL. This course is targeted at users who will need to write, analyze and use more complex SQL statements and commands. It’s ideal for database administrators, analysts, consultants, programmers, business people or anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of the SQL language.


A firm understanding of MS-Windows and Windows applications is mandatory. Students must also have a basic understanding of SQL and some experience with it. Students should know how to use SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING, JOINS AND AGGREGATES. The course is best suited for people who have used SQL for a year or more or have attended the Introductory course.


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