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SQL Level 3 Training Class

Expert SQL - This one day course is designed to help SQL users obtain a higher degree of expertise in using ANSI SQL. It provides a valuable learning opportunity for programmers, DBA’s, Reporting Specialists and others who use SQL to perform advanced database and query operations. It is focused on more complex and powerful features of the SQL Languages including things like CASE, COALESCE and WHILE loops. It also covers Database Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and User-Defined Functions. The course provides hands-on SQL experience with sample databases and data and a student workbook with reference and narrative. It is recommended that students take both Levels 1 and 2 before attending this course as certain key SQL knowledge is required.

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Course Outline and Details


  • Variables

  • IF-THEN-ELSE Conditions

  • CASE Structures

  • Stored Procedures

  • Database Views


  • WHILE Loops

  • Triggers

  • User Defined Functions

  • Windowing Functions

  • Mathematical Functions

  • Date Manipulation

  • Cursors



Slides and other course materials are available to students in electronic format (via download).



Students with experience in writing SQL Statements and/or those who have attended SQL Level 1 and SQL Level 2 training



A solid undertsanding of how write and use common SQL SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT statements including such items as join syntax, aggregate usage, grouping and sub-query usage. This class is based on Transact-SQL syntax from Microsoft.


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